I love food (especially dessert). I love to eat….but I also love looking good and maintaining a healthy weight.

A few years ago, I lost about 30 pounds by following the Weight Watchers plan….since then I have managed to maintain it within a few pounds (sometimes more, sometimes less)…I have no magic secret I just do what works for me, which includes exercising about 6 days a week, following a healthy eating plan and most certainly including dessert EVERY day (you heard me right).

***Update. As of September 2011, a few of those pounds lost have crept back on. I decided to nip things in the bud, so I’ve gone back to Weight Watchers. I’m following their online plan and hope to lose about 12 pounds.***

I also love to cook and bake – I feel like I was born with mixing spoon in hand! I have had my own catering business in the past (and still do the occasional project now). I am the go-to girl for birthday cakes or delicious desserts in my family. My favourite tv channel is the Food Network, I own countless cookbooks and I read several food and cooking blogs daily.

I struggle with the things that we all do – emotional eating, food cravings, self esteem issues, lack of motivation…the list goes on. I am by no means perfect, or an expert, but I have managed to learn a few tricks along the way as I try to prevent my life as a foodie from making me overweight. I don’t believe in diets or quick fixes (I pretty much stop paying attention to any eating plan that tells you to eliminate any food from your diet) and I do believe that any food has a place in a healthy lifestyle (see above…I LOVE dessert and have a serious sweet tooth).

I started running in university, have done a few shorter races and in September 2010 I completed my first marathon…one of my proudest moments in life…especially coming from the former “fat kid in gym class.” I enjoy doing cardio and weight training at the gym (ok….maybe enjoy is too strong of a word…but I don’t mind it, and I love the way I feel afterward). I also like group fitness classes, and have recently started hula hooping. If I’m near a pool, I’ll never pass up the chance for a swim.

I graduated from teacher’s college in May 2010 and my current day job is as a supply teacher. I love the French language and the chance to share it with others. I’m a homebody who loves spending time with my family and friends…especially when making (and eating) good food.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope my journey can inspire you on yours.

Questions or comments? Please drop me a line! hilarymawiebe@gmail.com


  • Hey Hilary! I just found your blog through the comments on Meals and Miles. Looks like we have a lot in common—not only is my name Hillary, but I am also a teacher, and it looks like we have the same blog theme on WordPress! Just wanted to drop in and say hi, and that I like what you’re writing on here. Have a great day!

  • bakebooks says:

    Congrats on your successes! I love the Food Network too – currently watching Top Chef Canada :)

  • Love the blog, and can’t wait to read more!

  • Stephanie says:

    Do you teach high school French? I’ve taught French Immersion to small (smart, funny, curious) kids for the past eight years. Now I’m unemployed. Except that “in a transition period” sounds a lot better.

  • Sarah says:

    Salut! J’etudias le francais a l’universite mais depuis quatre annees, je n’avait pas l’opportunite de pratiquer (I hope that made some kind of sense).

    Anyways, I found your blog from reading your comments on Maren’s Morsels. I think you have a fantastic attitude in regards to dieting and restricting food choices. I’m currently working developing a similar attitude. I’m excited to read more!!

  • Layla says:


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