Let the sun (butter) shine

April 13, 2012

All the cool kids are doing “it”. IMG_4898

“It,” depending, on who you are, where you are, how old you are are, and what you do, could be any number of things.

When I was growing up, “it” was (at one time or another):

  • Listening to the Spice Girls, playing with Spice Girls Barbies, and chewing Spice Girls gum
  • Playing Pogs
  • Playing Crazy Bones
  • Listening to the the Backstreet Boys
  • Watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer

For the record, I was never cool enough to any of those things.

In the healthy living blog world, the cool kids are into:

  • Crossfit
  • Overnight oats
  • Chia seeds
  • Sun butter

As much as I love reading all the lovely musings of the blogosphere, I’m still not all that cool and not always up on the trends of the moment. I have yet to try Crossfit (small town, small gym, limited options). I do enjoy overnight oats, but I still haven’t tried chia seeds. And, up until last week, the only time I had sun butter was in Shana’s amazing sun butter crunch balls that she brought to the Healthy Living Summit last year.

So, when faced with the prospect of a peanut butter-less existence after visiting the naturopath, I thought that it would be the perfect time to try sun butter. But, alas and alack, the sun butter at the grocery store contained one of my foes: sugar! Sad smile

I decided to take a pass, and bought some almond butter, and then made the P-nut butter I told you about last week. But then I saw this recipe for energy bites, and I wanted to make them. I also liked the idea of having a nut-free “nut butter” (although my version isn’t because the bag I bought said it may contain peanut oil Smile with tongue out).

All I can say is this: move over P-nut butter. There’s a new sheriff in town, and his name is Sunny.

I don’t know if purists would approve of me using pre-roasted, salted sunflower seeds for my sun butter, but when have I ever cared what the purists said?

My sun butter is fantastic! Even my mom was really into it. You don’t miss the added sugar that’s in conventional PB at all, and the added salt and roasted flavour really comes through.

The only thing I did differently from when I’ve made other nut butters is that I had to add a touch of canola oil. I found that the seeds weren’t giving off quite enough on their own, and needed the help of the oil (but I probably only used a couple of teaspoons).

Salty Sun Butter

  • roasted, salted sunflower seeds
  • canola oil

All you do is put the sunflower seeds in a food processor, then blend until finely ground and they are starting to clump and release their oils.

When mixture gets too thick to blend, drizzle in a little canola (or other oil of your choice) oil. Continue to blend until smooth, adding more oil as necessary.

Store in a sealed container in the refrigerator.IMG_4899

So, if the cool kids are doing “it,” it’s not always a good idea to join them. But then again, they just might be onto something. Maybe you should try too? Who knows, you might even improve “it.”

P.S. Eating is a LOT more exciting these days now that fruit and dairy are back in my life. I still can’t get over the fact that I’m only allowed full-fat dairy. You would not believe how rich full-fat yogurt is! You also would not believe how many food products contain potato – it’s crazy. I’m turning into one of those label-reading sleuths. Tune in next week for more of the down-low on my new food life.

What food trends from the blog world (or otherwise) have inspired you? Have you tried them and/or improved them?


  • Shana says:

    Thanks for the shout out! I have been CRAVING sunbutter lately. I want to make my own nut butters at home but do not have a conventional food processor. I was thinking about buying a mini one but don’t know if I should go for the mini or full size. Got any recommendations?

    I don’t envy your inability to have potatoes. It IS in everything. I’ve determined that if you want real food, you have to make it yourself. There are just so many hidden ingredients in processed foods its impossible to know what you’re eating! Can’t wait to hear the updates on the new eating plan.

    • Hilary says:

      You’re welcome! I know it seems like I’m crushing on you lately, but you just keep coming to mind! Definitely get a mini food processor…I have one that’s part of my immersion blender and one a bit bigger that’s part of my blender, and I use them for everything from banana soft serve to hummus to nut butter…go buy one – you won’t regret it!

  • Deanna says:

    This looks really cool! I just made almond butter a few weeks ago and loved it, so I’ll definitely have to give this a try. Yum!

  • OH I’m so happy fruit is back in your life..Words cannot begin to express!

    Speaking of full fat and rich…I tried some yogurt while at Costco (honey greek yogurt) on Saturday and it was CRAZY RICH! SO good! BUT I looked at the nutrition facts and it had just over a 3rd less of protein compared to my fav brand from Superstore.

    I love making my own nut butter….I haven’t in a while because I’m rather obsessed with my I Love Peanut Butter flavours that I’ve been buying!

    • Hilary says:

      Haha…you and me both on the fruit front! I smiled when I read this about you loving to make your own nut butt as I had just put a jar in the mail to you that very day…but of course,I let my mouth shut until now! ;)

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