What a ham!

December 29, 2011

And now for another pre-scheduled holiday post for your reading pleasure, as I’m at big huge family dinner # 2 today. IMG_3973I’m tackling another thing I think you might have a lot of after holiday festivities: ham. I will confess that neither of the ideas I’m going to share with you were made with leftover cooked ham – one was sliced deli ham, the other was ham steak. But both definitely could be made with leftovers. I Red heart leftover ham…SO good.

Idea number one is the amazing bagel panini you see to your right? Can’t quite see it? Let’s go in for a close-up, shall we?IMG_3974

And, what a coincidence – this panini also uses cranberries! Add this to the list from Tuesday’s post.

Officially, this was a goat cheese, ham and pear panini with a cranberry mustard. It’s basically the sophisticated, grown up cousin of the good ol’ ham and cheese. Here’s the breakdown on how I made it:IMG_3971



  • Bread = bagel thin (but use whatever you’ve got)
  • Cheese = 1/5 of a log of goat cheese (other could be substituted though)
  • Bread “lubricant” = 0 calorie butter spray (which is no longer available in Canada, it’s probably made of plastic and causes cancer, but I’m choosing to overlook that, because it makes awesome grilled cheese)
  • Meat = ham (deli in my case, but leftovers by all means if you’ve got it)
  • Condiment = a small handful of cranberries microwaved until popped, then a spoonful of Dijon stirred in, plus just a tiny touch of sweetener to counter the cranberries
  • Extras = pear slices

Assemble the sandwich, then grill as you would any panini or grilled cheese. As you can see, I served it with soup and roasted Brussels sprouts. The saltiness of ham goes so well with fruit, and goat cheese, well, it goes with anything, so it’s no surprise that this sandwich rocked.

IMG_3983While we’re riding the ham/fruit/cranberry/mustard train (what, you didn’t know you were on that train?), let’s move onto idea number two, and these fun and delicious ham, apple and onion kebabs. Let’s face it, food on a stick is fun. I had part of a ham steak to use up, and I wanted to do something different. How about ham on a stick? But not just ham, let’s add some apple and onion too?

I broiled half an apple, a small onion (both in large chunks) and the ham, sprinkling the onion and apple with mustard powder, salt and thyme first. I didn’t want the crunchy texture of the raw fruits and veggies and the incredible potency of raw onion.

Then, I chunked everything up some more, and put it on skewers. My accompaniment was another cranberry mustard. Same as above, but I used yellow mustard this time, as I didn’t want the heat of Dijon.

IMG_3982Served up with some cracker chips, veggies, and a quick hot onion/mushroom dip, this made a yummy snacking supper. As I said above, I love ham and fruit. And the onion didn’t hurt either. If you served these in mini form on toothpicks, I even think they’d make fun party food. The apple gets pretty soft though, so they can be tricky to hold together. Either way, it gets ham out of it’s comfortable box and into your mouth in a fun new way.

So, there you have it…2 new ham ideas for your chewing pleasure.

What holiday leftovers do you have, and what are you doing with them?


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