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October 31, 2011

IMG_0048Happy Halloween all! Halloween was never really that big a deal in my house growing up. I mean, yes, I trick-or-treated, but my mom has never been much of a Halloween person, so I guess that has sort of filtered down to me over the years. So, other than the title of this post (and how I’m trying to work it into the content), you’re not going to get much ghoulish content on HHH today (although I WILL be eating some chocolate and/or candy tonight, you better believe it).

So Saturday morning started with the scale and a trick – it said I gained 0.2 pounds! Sad smile But after my jog, it said I was down 1.6 pounds – much more of a treat! Of course, I decided to take the lower number as my “official” weigh-in. Winking smile I have been trying to get as much advice I could this week from other bloggers, and WW’s message boards and facebook pages.

I’m still heavier than when I started (Angry smilegrrr), but I am happy to see the number going down. This week, I tried not to eat my “extra” weekly points, and tried not to go too heavy on the fruits and veg…honestly, at this point, I’m not sure what’s working, so I’m just going to keep going along and tweaking things where I can and see what works.

After the weigh-in, Saturday was pretty much all treats. After feeling so discouraged and down on myself for the last several weeks of disappointing WW results, I decided to give myself a break. Treat number one was the breakfast you see above, enjoyed with a dear friend at Cora’s. Going out for breakfast can typically be a nutritional minefield, so I was pleasantly surprised with the Peggy’s Poached – a poached egg, toast (I got rye, no butter), cottage cheese and fruit. I figure the whole thing had 6 points plus, and lots of protein – a breakfast bargain! And, going with the treat theme, I treated myself to a small piece of fudge from the tray at the cashier IMG_3586(but I tracked it so I wasn’t “cheating” myself).

Next treat? Spending my Winners gift card on workout pants, a sweater and minty fresh shampoo, then the skinny hazelnut latte I enjoyed with a banana on my way home after doing my grocery shopping. It was almost 2 when I got home, and my eating schedule was a little out of whack after my late breakfast, and half lunch, so I just made a quick tomato/mushroom/spinach spaghetti squash dish topped with Parmesan and that held me over until supper.IMG_3599


Speaking of supper – I was craving another treat – fries! But not just any fries – McCain Superfries! These were a treat in my house growing up (weird fact, my sister and I even enjoy eating them frozen). And, while I know they may not be the most wholesome, natural thing in the world, I also don’t think they’re totally horrible for you either. Back in the old WW days, the night after I weighed in would be my “cheat” for the week if I had been “good.” IMG_3597

While I am still all about treating myself, I have to be careful about that mentality, as it can be really easy for me just to start eating and not stop, going “over the edge.” So I decided to enjoy my fries, but to track ‘em (and all my other indulgences for the night. I had extra weekly points left, and I planned to use at least some of them). Really, it’s kind of pathetic the points per serving. A serving is 16 fries (who eats just 16 – NO ONE?!?!). I made 2 servings (still not a lot), for 7 PPV.

But what to go with my fries? Chicken nuggets of course! My mom had bought some PC Blue Menu chicken nuggets (5 points plus for 4) so I decided to give them a try. Verdict? Not my favourite. They tasted, um, well, healthy – pretty bland and sort of dry. They weren’t bad with ketchup, but I don’t know that I’d recommend these to anyone. I also like the meatless “faux-chicken” blue menu ones better!

IMG_3595But my supper did not consist of nuggets and fries alone. Oh no my friends. This is where things get a little strange (at least if you are a normal person). But welcome to the weird and wonderful world that is my life and food choices/cravings. Because, when I indulge in kid-friendly staples like chicken fingers and fries, I pair them with 2 kid-detested foods: squash and Brussels sprouts!

My logic? I do NOT detest squash and Brussels sprouts, in fact, I adore both. And if I was going to eat food that was a bit more processed than my usual fare, I wanted to up the veggie factor – does that make sense? (I don’t care if it doesn’t, ‘cause my meal was awesome either way). IMG_3598

For the squash, I roasted half a squash (I’d tell you the variety, but I don’t know what it was called – a roundish orange variety) with half a teaspoon olive oil, cinnamon, whole cloves salt, pepper and brown sugar twin until tender, about 45 minutes (DON’T be like me with the cloves and take them out, leave them on your plate, not pay attention to them, and then eat them multiple times! As much as I love the flavour that cloves add to a dish, eating whole cloves is just plain disgusting…blegh!Smile with tongue out).

Things got a little crazy with the sprouts, but good crazy, ‘cause I made a super tasty sweet Brussels Sprouts Slaw. Quantities are not exact, and can easily be multiplied, but here’s roughly what I used and what I did. I found the dressing a touch too sweet, so I might cut back on the sweetener next time.

Sweet and Sassy Brussels Sprouts Slaw – serves one, 1.5 points plus (I used a teaspoon of oil total for my dinner, half on the squash, half in the slaw, hence the .5)

  • Brussels Sprouts
  • red grapes
  • baby carrots
  • green onion
  • red cabbage
  • handful fresh or frozen cranberries
  • about 1/4 cup plain Greek yogurt
  • spoonful Dijon mustard
  • one packet Stevia
  • a splash of cranberry or apple cider vinegar
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 1/2 teaspoon walnut oil

Blanch the Brussels sprouts by cooking for a short period of time in boiling water (I microwaved mine for 3.5 minutes). You want them still to have a crunch, but just to take a bit of the “edge” off. Immediately cool them in ice water.

Microwave the cranberries for about a minute on high. Let cool. Meanwhile, finely chop the grapes, onion, carrots and cabbage and thinly slice the sprouts. Combine in a small bowl.

Add the remaining dressing ingredients to the cooled cranberries. Stir the dressing together with the slaw and serve.



On the left, you see the Brussels sprouts after blanching. Centre – the dressing. Isn’t it pretty in pink? Right – the slaw is done and ready to be devoured by your favourite Hungry Healthy blogger.

IMG_3596Ok, this meal might not be normal by anyone’s standards (and I make NO claims that it is), but it was delicious. It satisfied my fry craving, got me some protein, and delicious yummy veggies to boot. Definitely a treat!


Speaking of treats – another one comin’ atcha. This is NOT vanilla frozen yogurt in a fancy glass. It is not vanilla frozen yogurt in a fancy glass. Neither of those merits my mom’s good crystal and a silver spoon. Nope, it’s some mascarpone ice cream that I had squirreled away in the downstairs freezer after making it Labour Day weekend. It is SO rich, SO decadent, and such a treat! So rich that I should NOT have more than a small amount, so the fancy glass acted as built-in portion control too.


Since Saturday was about treating myself, I also indulged in a lot of the activity you see to your right – cookie dough eating. A rainy Saturday is the perfect excuse to bake, so I decided to do some baking and freeze it for a church bake sale in November. And since I was indulging a bit, let’s just say I left a bit more in the bowl than I usually would – and it was SO good!


My day full of treats ended with one more – a cup of uber-rich Ghiradelli chocolate mocha  hot chocolate (actually not all that bad, only 3 PPV for 3 tbsp mix) on the couch watching The Devil Wears Prada. This stuff is so dark and wonderful, it kicks all other hot chocolate mixes right out of the water. A perfect end to a perfect day (which also included some cleaning/organizing/getting rid of stuff, just to bring you down to earth a bit…not all treats all the time in HHH land).

Truthfully? I felt a tad sweet-overloaded at the end of the day. But, in a weird way, I was actually sort of grateful for this, given the upcoming holiday season, and all the baking I’ll be doing/temptations there’ll be. It helped me remember how I do NOT want to feel (that hint of overload magnified times a million), and that I need to keep in control.

Saturday was a good example. I treated myself, indulging in things I normally don’t, but I tracked it (for the most part), kept things under control, and balanced the splurges with healthier choices…so hopefully I can keep this up over the holidays!

Is Halloween a big deal for you/your family? What are you doing tonight? And how do you treat yourself without going overboard?


  • Ick cloves! lol!!!
    glad you are giving yourself a break and as soon as i saw your breakfast i knew it was coras, mmmmm :)

  • Stephanie says:

    That brussels sprouts slaw looks really good! I’m giving candy out to little kids tonight. They’re cute. Even the you’re-really-too-big-for-trick-or-treating kids are cute.

  • Good job on the loss!! Wahoo!

    Halloween’s not a big deal for us either…CHRISTMAS is the big hoorah in our house and it starts tomorrow!!!!!!

    PS Jeff eats frozen french fries too…It’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever witnessed…You are now a part of that club!

    • Hilary says:

      But they are so good…I’m not ashamed to belong to that club! And I am setting my ipod to wake me up to a Christmas song tomorrow…cannot wait (that’s the only time you will hear me say that about getting up before 6)!

  • Shana says:

    Love the colors in the salad! Just got done handing out candy and we only had a few pieces leftover!

  • I’m the same way. I have to be very careful about how much I treat myself because I can easily let it carry over to extra and extra. then the pants are fitting tight. Why I’m a wee bit nervous on the holidays. We can do it, though! ;)

  • WAT75 says:

    I have to confess that I have “stock piled” 2 containers of “Gold Medal Ribbon” from Baskins…one is already gone. It’s my comfort food.

    I had btwn 75-100 visitors this evening.I must be on one of the popular streets.All is now quiet.

  • Catherine M.A. says:

    the brussels salad looks SO GOOD! I am so glad we have both matured and like brussels sprouts now!

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