October 28, 2011


It’s Friday (insert Rebecca Black song of which I must confess, I’ve never actually heard the entire thing Smile with tongue out)! Regardless of the week behind me, the dawning of Friday always makes me smile….and what a week it was. This week, I experienced some things that were not-so-great:

  • cold rainy weather
  • having to stand outside in that cold rainy weather for over AN HOUR due to lack of a school gymnasium/daily physical activity requirements/yard duty
  • the 3rd nail I’ve found in one of my car tires in a month!!! (and no, I don’t know where they’re coming from, let me know if you have any ideas)
  • getting a day of work cancelled on me

But, this post is NOT all about me whining about my terrible horrible life (because really, it’s not terrible or horrible). There have also been lots of great things this week:

  • the shopping trip I could squeeze in because of the cancelled work day (read about it here)
  • the fact that I have not been in an accident/any serious trouble because of those nails (other than the $ it costs to fix my tires)
  • tea with the lovely Donna
  • dinner out with a good friend
  • the amazingly delicious taco salad you see in the photo above, and is the reason behind the title of this post

Now, when you first think about it, taco something isn’t something that seems very portable, right? Of course, you know by now, I’m all about disproving food myths. It is SO easy to make taco-a-go-go (you just need a LOT of little tupperware containers and a lunch bag big enough to hold them all Smile).

So, my amazing 6 Points Plus Taco Salad a-go-go consisted of the following (pick and choose/swap ingredients, depending on what you like/have in your house):

  • base of spinach/mixed greens (use any greens/lettuce you’d like)
  • chopped green pepper (any colour will do)
  • chopped red onion (it was a strong one, and I accidentally added a little too much – my apologies to any students I got too close to on Tuesday afternoon Embarrassed smile)
  • chopped jicama (I can’t normally find it, and I am loving the crunch factor it’s adding to my salads this week, so hopefully it stays at the grocery store!)
  • chopped tomato
  • 1/2 cup Stagg vegetarian chili Red heart (this stuff never gets old, you can do so much with it)
  • a small handful of crushed baked Tostitos (one points plus worth)
  • some salsa mixed with one teaspoon olive oil (didn’t need the oil but wanted to get in a healthy oil serving)
  • 1/3 cup shredded light Tex-Mex cheese

In an ideal world, I would have heated up the chili before putting it on the salad. But, on Tuesday, I had duty for half of my 40 minute second “nutrition break,” meaning I only had 20 minutes to eat. So I went for cold chili. And you know what? It was still delicious. There was a great mix of flavours and textures, with the added crunch from the chips and jicama. I WILL be making this one again (although I don’t really love salads for lunch on cold days…they make me cold).

Enjoy the weekend!

Are you an all-season salad eater or do you avoid salad in the colder months? And what’s the best lunch you’ve packed lately?


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