Sum it up Sunday: 2011/10/23

October 23, 2011



These photos of the week are two weeks old…I just hadn’t taken them off my phone. But I thought they were too good not to share. Gourds and ducks with funky hairdos are just two of the many things I saw when I visited the Norfolk County Fair on Thanksgiving weekend. If you were a duck, would you want hair like that, or would you prefer something a little more low maintenance? Winking smile

Onto the week behind us:

Monday: I shared my tasty eats from my TGIF party, a snack mix recipe, and my success (?) at WW this week.

Tuesday: I shared a tribute to my Grandma and her comfort food, and my new school take on one of her classic recipes.

Wednesday:Happy Hump Day got interrupted by some cute cannoli cups in wonton wrappers.

Thursday: HHH took the day off.

Friday:I shared the happiness that is chocolate pumpkin spiced oat bran with pears. A mouthful to say, but so worth it.

Saturday: Slacker again, no post.

Hope that last week was great for you, and the week to come is even better. See you tomorrow!

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