Berried Treasure

July 2, 2011


I picked these today. All of them. By myself. It only took me 35 minutes and cost $12.87! If you have the time (and don’t have a bad back), picking your own strawberries is TOTALLY worth your while. Most of these guys are destined for the freezer….so as you’re reading this I’m probably washing, hulling and freezing.

EXCITING NEWS! Remember my trip to Philadelphia in August to go to the Healthy Living Summit? Well, click on over to their home page, you might see someone you recognize! Winking smile On their facebook page, the HLS was looking for newbies and conference veterans to feature, so I emailed to say I was interested, got a reply asking me to answer some questions and submit a photo and VOILA…there I am on the homepage!


And how was Buffalo, you may ask? Wonderful! Full food re-cap to come tomorrow or Monday….but for now, I’ll just show you a photo of the bad boy my mom and I shared at the Cheesecake Factory. Ohh….it was SO GOOD and absolutely worth every calorie.

Hope everyone is having a great long weekend so far (both Canadian and American readers)….I’m planning some good grillin’ tonight…hope you are too!


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