A Saturday in the life…

March 28, 2011

….of a half marathon runner (March 26, 2011).

7:20 AM: Wake up (earlier than desired), get dressed, eat a Fibre One 100 calorie bar and drink a glass of water. IMG_0486-1

7:40 AM: Head out for 12 miles in the COLD! This run went really well, other than the fact that I miscalculated on which gloves to wear…a couple of weeks ago, I was too hot with my thick fleece gloves, so I thought I’d go with the thinner ones this time…BIG mistake! It was much colder than last week’s beautiful run and my hands were so cold I was almost in pain…I kept having to move my hands around and slap them against each other because they were going numb. Other than that, it was a great run…I did a 6 mile loop twice, which seemed to break it up nicely….I did a couple of big hills in there too. I’m not sure if the course for my half marathon has hills or not, so I figured it doesn’t hurt to be prepared! On the audiobook, I heard about the 2004 election, Aids Relief in Africa and Hurricane Katrina.

10:05 AM Arrive back home (just short of my 10 AM goal!)….stretch, make a yummy breakfast of oat bran with pears (sorry, no picture, but looks just like the apple version)…try and get my hands warmed up. Take a nice Epsom salt bath, rub legs with A5-35, apply heat (no soreness after, so my trick seems to be working).

12:00 PM Tea with family at a local coffee shop.

1:00 PM Make lunch. It was a good one! Hungry Girl-fredo topped with mushrooms and greens. I sauteed half an onion, a sliced portabello mushroom and some creminis, garlic, some chopped collard greens in a tsp of olive oil. I seasoned with thyme, sage, salt and pepper, then at the end added some defrosted drained frozen chopped spinach and an ounce of sliced deli ham I also soaked a few dried mushrooms and threw them in, along with their cooking liquid. YUMMY! I was still kinda hungry though. I was craving a sweet, but opted for a sliced apple instead with a cup of tea, as I thought that would fill me up more. IMG_0591

4:00 PM: Arrive at Starbucks in Guelph and spend 3 hours chatting with a dear friend over a tall skinny caramel latte.

7:00 PM: Meet even more good friends at Moxie’s in Guelph. Order the chipotle mango chicken grilled with a sweet & smoky dry rub, fresh mango, and a side of wild rice and fresh broccoli & a fresh tomato & avocado salsa . It was tasty! It came with 2 chicken breasts, which I certainly didn’t need, so I ate one and packed the other one up (will make a great lunch on a salad this week) along with some of the rice. I liked this one, but it’s kinda spicy, so if you are not into that, I wouldn’t recommend this dish. The broccoli was cooked just how I like, tender, but still a good crunch….and with the brown/wild rice and only eating half of the chicken, I’d say this was a pretty healthy dinner. It was great to catch up with friends….the 6 ladies I dined with are all friends from university, and now that we no longer live in the same city, we don’t get to see nearly enough of each other.


9:00 PM Leave the restaurant and pose for the required photo to capture the night in our memories (and blog history)…these lovely ladies are HHH readers, and were thrilled at the prospect of gracing my little blog with their photo-presence, so here you go girls!

10:40 PM IMG_0598Arrive home, exhausted, but pleased after a full and pleasant day. Enjoy a nice bowl of the low fat Thin Mint Ice Cream that I bought in Buffalo on March Break (it’s low fat…and I didn’t have dessert at the restaurant, and I ran 12 miles…how could I NOT have dessert? Smile ).

What did your Saturday hold for you?


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