Banana Bonanza

February 16, 2011

I  had these pics on my computer so I thought I would share them and continue with the b-themed posts this week. :) Have you ever heard of banana soft serve? I first saw the idea on the Rachael Ray Show…then not too much later, Tina of Carrots ‘n Cake featured the idea. Basically, what it is, is a homemade, all-natural, creamy and delicious frozen yogurt/ice cream-ish dessert.

You need to have frozen bananas to start with. I like to cut bananas in half and freeze them wrapped in saran wrap (important: Peel before you freeze)! They are great eaten on their own this way for a snack…but we’re going to go to the next step – ice cream time! Roughly slice up the bananas and put them in a food processor (LOVE the mini food processor for this, just the right size for a single serving). Add a splash of milk. Process until smooth, pulsing and adding more milk as necessary until the mixture comes together smoothly. Put in a bowl and serve – that’s it, you’re done!

Now, the first photo is just the basic banana version which is delish on its own. But you can play with the basic banana soft serve idea. In the next photo, I topped it off with a tablespoon of Nutella (this was back around World Nutella Day, when I was in a Nutella mood). It was yummy (although the coldness of the ice cream made the Nutella a little firm). I’ve also made a pumpkin pie version of banana soft serve (adding in a spoonful of canned pumpkin and some spices). Peanut butter would also be a nice addition…or you can blend in cocoa powder. You can stir in any candy/chocolate/cookie you’d like (can we say homemade, delicious, healthy Marble Slab anyone?).

Hope you try this out…and if you think of any creative and delicious variations, let me know!


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